Bill is a native of Marshalltown, Iowa, where he spent many nights listening to jazz and blues from the bottom end of the FM dial and picking out songs on a cheap Casio keyboard. He went to school in Iowa City to study physics and became embroiled in the Iowa City music scene, going to blues jams, open mics, and joining groups spanning many different genres, including rock, blues, funk, reggae, hip-hop, jazz, soul, caribbean, and pop, picking up lots of keyboard tricks and gimmicks along the way. His time in Iowa City quickly earned him the nickname “The White Tornado” for his over-the-top playing style and expressiveness. He eventually moved to the Quad Cities, where he has taught physics at Augustana College for many years and delved into the music scene there as well. In his time he has played in many well-known Eastern Iowa bands, including The Diplomats of Solid Sound, The Johnny Kilowatt Band, 10 of Soul, Meteor Cat, Public Property, and The Uniphonics – and has been proud to be a Beaker Brother since the passing of original keyboardist and friend John Schultz. Also a songwriter, he has put out several albums of his own and collaborated with other musicians on many others.

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